Access to Care at Brighton Marine

The US Family Health Plan program, comprised of six regional health care providers spread regionally across the country, offers TRICARE Prime benefits to over 150,000 members in the United States, including military families and retirees. Brighton Marine Health Center – also known as the US Family Health Plan of Southern New England – serves members of the US Family Health Plan living in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of Northern Connecticut.


In a new video, Plan members at the Brighton Marine Health Center, along with Dr. Charles Rollinger, M.D., Vice President of Brighton Marine, describe the specialized healthcare Brighton Marine is well known for.


Dr. Rollinger, a practicing primary care physician of 36 years with 25 years’ experience as a managed care administrator, highlights in the video how members are always put first and have timely access to care at Brighton Marine.


We do our very best to ensure members get timely access to primary care and specialty care. One of the issues in military care that you don’t see in the commercial population is when an active duty spouse goes on active duty, it is incredibly stressful, particularly with young children…Timely access to care is very important”

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US Family Health Plan Regional Spotlight: Saint Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers, Mid-Atlantic

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The US Family Health Plan Alliance comprises six regional health care providers that offer the TRICARE Prime benefit to more than 150,000 military families and retirees in the United States.  US Family Health Plan members living in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut regions are served by Saint Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers of New York.


A new US Family Health Plan Alliance video features the Saint Vincent’s team sharing how they provide unique care for local military families and retirees.


Jeff Bloom, executive director and senior vice president of Saint Vincent’s, explained how the relationship between Saint Vincent’s and its US Family Health Plan members is unique among insurance plans.


“We have a personal relationship with our members, and we believe our members have a personal relationship with us,” he said. “Our approach to working with members is you treat them like family.”

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Happy Thanksgiving from the US Family Health Plan Alliance

The US Family Health Plan Alliance wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. At US Family Health Plan, when we think about what we are grateful for, our members and their families top the list! Thanks to all in the U.S. military family for your service, your selflessness and your inspiration. Please enjoy a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

US Family Health Plan Regional Spotlight: Brighton Marine Health Center, New England

The US Family Health Plan program is composed of six regional health care providers that offer the TRICARE Prime benefit to more than 150,000 military families and retirees in the United States.  US Family Health Plan members living in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of Northern Connecticut are served by Brighton Marine Health Center.

In a new US Family Health Plan video, Dr. Charles Rollinger, vice president of Medical Management and Quality at Brighton Marine, explains how the program offers specialized care options to its members.

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“Keeping People Coming Back, Smiling”: Personalized, High-touch Health Care through US Family Health Plan

As the only value-based health care offering within the Military Health System, the US Family Health Plan (USFHP) takes a personalized approach to the health, wellness and chronic condition management of more than 150,000 members in six regions of the country.

In a new video, US Family Health Plan members and care providers from the USFHP’s six regional organizations discuss how this personalized approach keeps members satisfied with their health care.

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US Family Health Plan Alliance Celebrates Veterans Today and Throughout the Year

Veterans hold a special place in our hearts and thoughts. They have put their lives on the line to defend our freedom and the American way of life.  The Designated Provider organizations of the US Family Health Plan Alliance are honored to provide high-quality health care to veterans and their families and the families of active duty service members. Providing health care to veterans and their families is a sacred responsibility that we take very seriously.  On this Veterans Day, we celebrate all of the men and women who have served in our armed forces and remember all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.


USFHP Member Profile Series: Well-Earned Shore Leave

Retired Navy Commander David Edwards Served in Atlantic and Pacific Theaters in World War II

At 103 years old, Commander David Edwards, US Navy (retired), is the oldest US Family Health Plan member in the Pacific Northwest. A World War II veteran and longtime reservist, Edwards now lives as a retiree in Seattle, Washington, in the house he and his family built from scratch.

As a student at the University of Washington before World War II, Edwards participated in the U.S. Navy ROTC program. Commissioned as an ensign, the Navy contacted him prior to America’s involvement in the war, and he spent the next year practicing minesweeping in the region. Read more

Day of the Deployed: We’ve Got Your Back

This week, on National Day of the Deployed, the US Family Health Plan Alliance celebrates the brave men and women in our Armed Forces who are currently deployed and all those who have served abroad at some point in their service.

Family readiness is a critical component of the military medical readiness mission. Active-duty military members have earned the right to peace of mind, knowing their families are well taken care of back at home.

As a trusted provider of military healthcare, we are committed to providing our members with the highest quality of care. When active duty military families and retirees enroll with one of the six providers within the US Family Health Plan Alliance, they become part of our family. Our members can say with complete confidence that we always have their backs.

So whether active-duty member families are deployed in the next city, state, country or continent – down the street or thousands of miles away – the last thing they have to be concerned about is whether their loved ones have access to the care they need, when they need it.

We pledge to continue delivering top-rated health care with the highest levels of patient satisfaction to our members across the country. We cannot thank you and your families enough for your service and sacrifices.

Prescription Costs for TRICARE Beneficiaries to Increase January 1

The cost of prescription drugs for TRICARE beneficiaries will increase on January 1, 2020.

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, a 90-day supply of generic drugs received through TRICARE’s Express Scripts mail-order pharmacy will increase from $7 to $10. Co-pays on brand-name drugs received through the mail will go from $24 to $29; the price rises from $53 to $60 for non-formulary drugs.

Generic drug prescriptions filled at retail pharmacies will see the cost rise from $11 to $13 for a 30-day supply, while the same supply of brand-name medications will increase from $28 to $33. Non-formulary drugs — those not on Tricare’s list of approved and covered medications — will go up from $53 to $60.

Prescriptions filled on base will continue to be free.

The price increases were mandated by Congress as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 in an effort to bring the amount TRICARE beneficiaries pay into line with the actual costs of prescription drugs. Because the US Family Health Plan is a TRICARE Prime program, the prescription drug price increases mandated by Congress will apply to US Family Health Plan beneficiaries.  Annual increases are planned through 2027.

DHA Announces TRICARE Open Season and Federal Benefits Open Season

The Defense Health Agency announced the two open seasons for military beneficiaries:  TRICARE Open Season and Federal Benefits Open Season.

TRICARE Open Season applies to anyone enrolled in or eligible for TRICARE Prime (including the US Family Health Plan) or TRICARE Select.  Federal Benefits Open Season is for enrollment in the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).  Both the TRICARE and FEDVIP open seasons begin on Nov. 11 and end on Dec. 9. Enrollment choices made during this period will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

If you are now enrolled in US Family Health Plan, you will be automatically re-enrolled in the Plan for the coming year.  This means you don’t need to do anything during Open Season.  However, if you want to change your TRICARE coverage for 2020, you must make this change during Open Season.

To get ready for open season, you can use tools on the TRICARE website, like the TRICARE Plan Finder and TRICARE Compare Cost Tool.  These resources help you see which plans you’re eligible for and help you to compare plans and costs.  On the FEDVIP enrollment website, you can enroll in or make changes to your FEDVIP plan.  The website also provides tools to help you find the right dental and/or vision plans for you and your family.

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