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The US Family Health Plan is a contracted TRICARE program under which the TRICARE Prime benefit is offered to eligible military beneficiaries.  The US Family Health Plan requires beneficiaries to enroll and is offered through six participating non-profit plans in different regions of the country.  The six programs and their service areas are described below.

US Family Health Plan of Southern New England

US Family Health Plan of Southern New England  (Brighton Marine)

Serving Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, as well as Rhode Island and parts of Northern Connecticut

Members: 1-800-818-8589
Non-Members: 1-888-815-5510

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CHRISTUS Health US Family Health Plan

Serving Houston, TX San Antonio, TX Leesville, LA and Lake Charles, LA

Members: 1-800-678-7347
Non-Members: 1-800-678-7347

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Martin's Point

Martin’s Point Health Care US Family Health Plan

Serving Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Upstate and Western New York, and parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio

Members: 1-888-674-8734
Non-Members: 1-888-241-4556
Providers: 1-888-732-7364

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Pac Med

Pacific Medical Centers

Serving Western Washington, most of Central and Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Western Oregon, and most of California

800-585-5883, Option 2


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Saint Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers US Family Health Plan

Serving New Jersey, Western CT, Lower Hudson Valley, NYC including Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Members: 1-800-241-4848
Non-Members: 1-800-241-4848 Option #3

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Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Serving Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware, Virginia, and parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania


The association that represents the collective interests of the Plans, Congress, and DoD.

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Five Community-based, non-profit health care systems manage and operate the program.