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    This website is hosted by the USFHP Alliance, (the “Alliance”) a trade group for the US Family Health Plans. The Alliance itself is not a health plan or a health care provider and does not have the same privacy and security protections that a health plan or health care provider would have. For your own protection, please do not disclose health information, personal financial or other sensitive information when using this web page, and always make sure that you are communicating directly with your health plan or provider before sharing this type of information. If you are unsure of how to reach your own plan or provider, please ask us how and we will be happy to assist.

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    US Family Health Plan of Southern New England

    Serving Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, as well as Rhode Island and parts of Northern Connecticut

    1-800-818-8589 Members
    1-888-815-5510 Non-Members

    CHRISTUS Health

    Serving Houston, TX San Antonio, TX Leesville, LA and Lake Charles, LA


    Johns Hopkins Medicine

    Serving Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware, Virginia, and parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania

    1-800-808-7347 Members
    1-800-801-9322 Non-Member
    800-808-7347 Providers
    Website |
    Providers: | 1-800-808-7347

    Martin’s Point Health Care

    Serving Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Upstate and Western New York and Pennsylvania.

    1-888-674-8734 Members
    1-888-241-4556 Non-Members
    Website | 1-888-396-2714
    Providers: 1-888-732-7364

    Pacific Medical Centers

    Serving Western Washington, Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Western Oregon

    800-585-5883, Option 2


    Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers

    Serving New Jersey, Western CT, Lower Hudson Valley, NYC including Nassau and Suffolk counties.

    1-800-241-4848 Members
    1-800-241-4848 Option #3 Non Members
    Website  |