“Keeping People Coming Back, Smiling”: Personalized, High-touch Health Care through US Family Health Plan

As the only value-based health care offering within the Military Health System, the US Family Health Plan (USFHP) takes a personalized approach to the health, wellness and chronic condition management of more than 150,000 members in six regions of the country.

In a new video, US Family Health Plan members and care providers from the USFHP’s six regional organizations discuss how this personalized approach keeps members satisfied with their health care.

Members discussed the overall quality of care through US Family Health Plan, as well as their ease of access to care.

“The providers seem to really care about me and my health.  They actually want to get to the bottom of whatever’s ailing me,” said Geniece Kelly, spouse of a retired Navy chief and member of US Family Health Plan at Pacific Medical Centers in Washington state.

“It’s been very easy, and very straightforward,” said David Dixon, a retiree member of US Family Health Plan at Saint Vincent’s, which serves members in New York, New Jersey, Southeast Pennsylvania and Western Connecticut.  “That’s a big change for me in dealing with health insurance providers.”

Active-duty spouse Krista Walker shared her experience getting immediate assistance with her primary care needs after moving to a new and unfamiliar part of the country.

“They were great about helping me find a doctor for primary care,” recalled Walker, whose US Family Health Plan team at Martin’s Point Health Care provided guidance to the Walker family when they moved to Maine.  “I was in within two weeks, which is unheard of for primary care.”

Mark and Laura Sperry – members since 2004 of the US Family Health Plan at Brighton Marine, which serves the New England region – said they value their reliable access to care through the plan.

“Not having access to US Family Health Plan at Brighton Marine would be very detrimental to us,” said Mark, who served in the U.S. Coast Guard for 21 years.

The US Family Health Plan is dedicated to providing its members high-quality healthcare through routine health screenings, personalized care and preventive health care initiatives.  These include disease and complex care management programs and a patient-centered medical home concept with in-home patient monitoring.  The US Family Health Plan’s approach to health care keeps members active, satisfied and invested in their health and wellness.

“When we keep people coming back, and they’re always smiling and very happy to see us, I think that’s our reward for the way we treat them,” said Debbie Sorrentino, practice site manager for US Family Health Plan at St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center (New York).

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