US Family Health Plan Regional Spotlight: Brighton Marine Health Center, New England

The US Family Health Plan program is composed of six regional health care providers that offer the TRICARE Prime benefit to more than 150,000 military families and retirees in the United States.  US Family Health Plan members living in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of Northern Connecticut are served by Brighton Marine Health Center.

In a new US Family Health Plan video, Dr. Charles Rollinger, vice president of Medical Management and Quality at Brighton Marine, explains how the program offers specialized care options to its members.

Dr. Rollinger, who has been a practicing primary care physician for 36 years and an administrator in managed care for 25 years, highlighted the US Family Health Plan’s longstanding commitment to the Brighton Marine member community and deep familiarity with members’ needs.

“We’ve been working with our members in the same market since the beginning of the plan, so we know the area, we know our members, and we know where they get their care.  I think that makes a huge difference,” Dr. Rollinger explained.

The Brighton Marine US Family Health Plan program leadership prioritizes a personal touch and one-on-one relationships with members that makes it feel very much like a family of its own, according to Dr. Rollinger.

Mark Wasnock, a retired U.S. Navy senior chief and US Family Health Plan member, agrees with Dr. Rollinger’s message of attentive service at Brighton Marine.

“The thing I value the most about being a US Family Health Plan member is the customer service associated with the plan.  If you seek enough healthcare, you’ll probably find some billing issues every once in a while, and it’s how they handle it is what really makes the difference.  You’re not left in the dark on your own,” Wasnock remarked.

Air Force National Guard Technical Sergeant Shaun Reagan, whose family is enrolled in the US Family Health Plan, also agreed.

“My family values the ease of service and the friendliness we receive every time we call,” he said.

US Family Health Plan members enjoy access to quality health care and providers’ deep understanding of military culture, making them among the most satisfied members of any health plan in the country.  For more information about the US Family Health Plan, please explore the rest of our website.