US Family Health Plan Regional Spotlight: Saint Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers, Mid-Atlantic

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The US Family Health Plan Alliance comprises six regional health care providers that offer the TRICARE Prime benefit to more than 150,000 military families and retirees in the United States.  US Family Health Plan members living in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut regions are served by Saint Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers of New York.


A new US Family Health Plan Alliance video features the Saint Vincent’s team sharing how they provide unique care for local military families and retirees.


Jeff Bloom, executive director and senior vice president of Saint Vincent’s, explained how the relationship between Saint Vincent’s and its US Family Health Plan members is unique among insurance plans.


“We have a personal relationship with our members, and we believe our members have a personal relationship with us,” he said. “Our approach to working with members is you treat them like family.”

Debbie Sorrentino, practice site manager, echoed this personal approach and said the US Family Health Plan care teams listen to members’ stories to ensure their care is tailored to their needs.


“Our ultimate goal in working with patients is to make sure that they get all the care and whatever it is that they need.”


The US Family Health Plan team at Saint Vincent’s, often exceeds Department of Defense standards, emphasizes a focus on patients as Eileen Buckley explains.


“Many times they have gone through so much. It’s that caring that differentiates US Family Health Plan Saint Vincent’s from other plans,” said Eileen Buckley, supervisor of case management.


US Family Health Plan members are not only provided with high quality health care but also have access to expert medical providers who have a deep understanding of military culture and individual member needs. For more information about the US Family Health Plan, please explore the rest of our website.