Access to Care at Brighton Marine

The US Family Health Plan program comprises six regional health care providers spread regionally across the country, offers TRICARE® Prime benefits to over 150,000 members in the United States, including military families and retirees. US Family Health Plan at Brighton Marine – also known as US Family Health Plan of Southern New England – serves members of US Family Health Plan living in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of Northern Connecticut.

In a new video, Plan members along with Dr. Charles Rollinger, M.D., Vice President of Medical Management and Quality of US Family Health Plan of Southern New England describe the specialized health care US Family Health Plan is well known for.

Dr. Rollinger, a practicing primary care physician of 36 years with 25 years’ experience as a managed care administrator, highlights in the video how members are always put first and have timely access to care.

We do our very best to ensure members get timely access to primary care and specialty care. One of the issues in military care that you don’t see in the commercial population is when an active duty spouse goes on active duty, it is incredibly stressful, particularly with young children…Timely access to care is very important”

US Family Health Plan member Tech Sgt. Shaun Reagan, US Air Force and Air National Guard, reflects on how important the Plan is for his family as he serves on active-duty.

My family has been enrolled in US Family Health for the past three years since I’ve been back on active-duty. We choose this plan because of how easy it is for us in our location, a lot of the doctors we have are all covered under the plan…I just recently got back from deployment to Afghanistan and my wife was able to continue on with deployments and everything without me there. If we no longer had access to the plan we’d be devastated, we’d have to find a new insurance plan that covered our doctors and start all over. It would be very sad.”

US Family Health Plan of Southern New England represents the personalized care and access to quality health care that are the hallmarks of the the Plan and prides itself on its deep understanding of military culture and the unique needs of military families. For more information about US Family Health Plan, please explore the rest of our website.