MEMBER MINUTES VIDEO: ‘What Good Healthcare Should Look Like’

USFHP Member Minutes Profile:  

U.S. Air Force Col. William “Bill” Hall, Ret.

Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Bill Hall, who is the Military Relations Manager at Martin’s Point Health Care, has a unique perspective from which to serve US Family Health Plan beneficiaries because he is a US Family Health Plan beneficiary himself.

Col. Col. Bill HallHall, whose 30 years of service in the U.S. Air Force included a tour in Vietnam, speaks to US Family Health Plan’s familiarity with military culture, high patient satisfaction and commitment to delivering quality healthcare to more than 145,000 beneficiaries nationwide.

“There’s such a deep military culture,” Hall says. “There’s a real appreciation for what military families go through and what they need, both when they’re in their active duty years and when they’re in their retirement years for the best in healthcare. When they hit retirement years, we understand there’s a new set of stressors that comes with retirement, and we want to ensure that healthcare isn’t one of those, that we provide the best healthcare we can.”

Martin’s Point Health Care operates the US Family Health Plan program for military families and retirees in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate and western New York, and northern Pennsylvania. The US Family Health Plan is a TRICARE Prime program offered by the Department of Defense that provides high quality health care to eligible beneficiaries.

VIDEO: Highlights of US Family Health Plan’s Visit to the U.S. Senate

On March 17, representatives from the US Family Health Plan briefed U.S. Senate staff on the incredible quality of care, patient satisfaction and military support the plan provides through TRICARE Prime.

These video clips from the briefing highlight how US Family Health Plan is:

  • Providing high quality care and patient satisfaction to more than 145,000 beneficiaries nationwide
  • Uniquely poised for success as TRICARE Prime’s only capitated model care plan
  • Empowering military family readiness by caring for active duty and retiree families
  • Fulfilling the promise of health care coverage made to our brave servicemen and women

You can learn more about our unique approach to military healthcare by exploring our website. To view the full video from the March 17 briefing at the U.S. Senate, click here.