VIDEO: US Family Health Plan Regional Spotlight: Pacific Medical Centers, Northwest Region

The US Family Health Plan Alliance comprises six regional health care providers that offer the TRICARE Prime benefit to over 150,000 military families and retirees across the country.  US Family Health Plan members living in the Puget Sound area of Washington State are served by the US Family Health Plan at Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed™).

Dr. Rick Ludwig started his career with PacMed in 1981 as an internist and now serves as Medical Director and Chief of Primary Care for the US Family Health Plan at PacMed.  He oversees the majority of primary care for the region’s US Family Health Plan members.

In a new US Family Health Plan video, Dr. Ludwig highlights the patient-centered approach PacMed takes to providing health care to military families and retirees.

This approach to care includes a commitment to empowering members with control over their own health care, as well as establishing a strong bond of trust with primary care providers.

“Pac Med offers a patient-centric approach to care that encourages collaboration between patients and providers, as well as within our care teams.  We find that this collaboration, along with a focus on prevention, leads to a better, more personalized experience for our patients,” explained Dr. Ludwig.

Fostering a trusted relationship with patients allows PacMed care providers to ensure that every US Family Health Plan member receives the resources they need to maintain their health and wellness, manage chronic conditions, and to prevent new illnesses.

“Our patients choose their doctor, and that doctor knows who those patients are inside and out,” Dr. Ludwig said.  “We understand who our patients are, we understand what their needs are, and we make sure they get the preventative screening they need.” 

US Family Health Plan members enjoy access to PacMed’s legacy of delivering quality health care and its deep understanding of military culture, making them among the most satisfied patients of any health plan in the country.  For more information about the US Family Health Plan, please explore the rest of our website.