US Family Health Plan Regional Spotlight: Johns Hopkins, Mid-Atlantic Region


The US Family Health Plan Alliance comprises six regional health care providers that offer the Tricare PRIME benefit to nearly 150,000 military families and retirees across the country.  US Family Health Plan members in the Mid-Atlantic region are served by Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan.

Dr. Steven Kravet, MD, MBA, has overseen the delivery of primary care for beneficiaries of the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan for the past nine years.  He serves as president of the physician group, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, responsible for the majority of the primary care for the region’s US Family Health Plan members, of which approximately 70 percent are military retirees and 30 percent are active-duty military dependents.

In a new US Family Health Plan Alliance video, Dr. Kravet highlights Johns Hopkins’ long history of working with the military population going back three decades and how it has been able to grow throughout the region.  The Wyman Park location was Johns Hopkins’ headquarters for decades, but eventually, the headquarters and physicians’ practices needed to relocate to more modern facilities nearby.  Dr. Kravet noticed that, among the Johns Hopkins patient population, the US Family Health Plan members have remained some of the most vocal in their loyalty to their providers.

“I think the moral to this story is that our military families are still very loyal and love our new place as much as they loved our old place.  The military population we serve comes from all over our region.  We have patients from rural parts of Maryland, urban and suburban parts of Maryland, parts of West Virginia, some parts of South Central Pennsylvania, Delaware and Northern Virginia,” explained Dr. Kravet.

Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan members enjoy access to Johns Hopkins’ 125-plus year legacy of delivering quality health care and its deep understanding of military culture, making them among the most satisfied patients in the country.  Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan has been touted as one of the top health care plans in the country for multiple years by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

“We’ve done a lot of work on family dynamics around military families, and then of course we offer world class care from a specialty perspective.  We’re very proud that we’ve been acknowledged among the top plans in the country with a 98th-percentile satisfaction rating, and excellent accreditation through the NCQA.  We’re a believer in data and statistics, and we’re proud of our results,” Dr. Kravet added.

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