Quality Healthcare Driven by Innovation

We are continually inspired by our beneficiaries and the innovation of the branches they served.


Mike represents why US Family Health Plan is proud and committed to delivering comprehensive, innovative healthcare to retirees and their families.

Take Mike, a retiree and longtime USFHP member. He has been with USFHP for more than seven years after a career of service in the U.S. Air Force. Mike and his wife live on a pension and, with rising healthcare costs affecting families across the country, deserve the benefit of the latest medical infrastructure and technology to ensure quality and keep costs down.

Mike represents why US Family Health Plan is proud and committed to delivering comprehensive, innovative healthcare to retirees and their families. We are leaders in preventive health techniques that reduce the risk of common health issues and the development of new technologies that improve patient outcomes in a number of ways.


  • US Family Health Plan was the first TRICARE provider to emphasize virtual care support through a 24-hour telephone health hotline, giving patients around-the-clock access to nurses and primary care doctors who can offer general health information, self-care instructions, assistance scheduling next-day clinic appointments and advice on whether to use emergency services immediately.
  • Population wellness programs—including flu outreach reminders, weight management programs, smoking cessation programs, health literacy training, osteoporosis screenings, substance abuse treatment, stress management programs and other preventative care services—helping keep members healthy and out of the hospital while also allowing them to invest in their own care.
  • Disease management programs help prevent and manage diseases for treatment while reducing hospital readmissions for care of chronic conditions. Examples include cholesterol management for patients with cardiovascular conditions and blood pressure control and heart monitoring systems for diabetes patients. While emergency room visits are up across the country, USHFP members make fewer visits to the ER than other TRICARE Prime beneficiaries, a testament to the disease management programs, telemedicine and other initiatives used to streamline care.
  • Electronic health records allow care providers to monitor patient vitals electronically. We’re continuing to expand our ability to share patient data and make advances in telemedicine to allow care providers to keep tabs on high risk members and trigger alerts in emergencies—thus making the process of health data sharing across care providers more efficient.

At US Family Health Plan, we will continue to honor the dedication and service to our country that Mike and many of our members have shown by serving as a model for military healthcare providers, staying on top of trends and providing only the best benefits possible. Easy access to high-quality, affordable healthcare ensures members and their families can rest easy, and we look forward to providing Mike, his family and all in the US Family Health Plan fold with continued quality care and a strong physician-patient relationship, driven by innovation.