US Family Health Plan Celebrates Military Spouse Appreciation Month

May is Military Spouse Appreciation Month, a time to celebrate the contribution and sacrifices made by military spouses, who support our service members. It is our honor and privilege to provide health care to the spouses of active-duty service members, activated members of the National Guard and Reserve, and retirees.

Retired Air National Guard Chief Master Sergeant Chuck Halsted describes the outstanding medical care his wife received from US Family Health Plan member organization, Martin’s Point HealthCare.

“My beautiful wife is very active, and she has a problem with skin cancer. But if you knew my wife, you know you couldn’t stop her doing what she wants to do. The treatment began early last year when we returned to Maine. Martin’s Point Health Care started immediately to direct my wife to the right people in our area – top quality people – where she was diagnosed, surgery was performed and probably the best plastic surgeon in Maine was brought in. Martin’s Point had also taken care of an eye problem the year before: set up all the contacts, made all the arrangements, and Chrissy had some work done to her eye. You had maybe three agencies that Martin’s Point had arranged to take care of my wife. We didn’t have to scrounge around for people, we didn’t have to go through the process of trying to find the best people or the right people. It was all there in front of us.”

The US Family Health Plan thanks all military spouses for their sacrifices and contributions to the military community and our country.