memorial day

A Time to Honor American Military Service and Sacrifice

Every year, the month of May closes with two particularly poignant reminders of American military service and of the sacrifices of those who serve to protect our freedoms.

On May 21 we observe Armed Forces Day, a day marked by open houses and displays of American military technology and equipment at bases across the country. In so doing, we commemorate the service and sacrifices of the men and women of the uniformed services, retirees and family members. Without their dedication, hard work and selfless service, often in far flung regions of the world, we and others in countries across the globe would not enjoy the freedoms and democratic societies of today.

Each year, Memorial Day marks the sacrifices of the millions of Americans who have paid the ultimate price in service to our great country. The example they set reminds us all that freedom isn’t free and that we have to be prepared to defend our freedoms and our democracy, sometimes at the greatest possible cost.

The US Family Health Plan and its provider organizations have been part of the military family for more than 30 years, providing top quality healthcare to military family members and retirees. The brave men and women who serve our country, as well as their families, continue to be our inspiration every day.

We view the opportunity to provide quality healthcare to military families and retirees as a solemn and important responsibility, one that we cherish and work hard every day to fulfill. We hope everyone will join us in using Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day as occasions to reflect on and commemorate the selfless service and sacrifice of those who have served to protect our great country.