Patient Satisfaction

US Family Health Plan patients are extremely satisfied, as measured by industry standards.  For 19 consecutive years, the US Family Health Plan has far surpassed the patient satisfaction rates of other managed care plans.

Our overall satisfaction rate is more than 92 percent. That is 40 percent higher than the national average and much higher than the satisfaction rate reported by other eligible beneficiaries within the TRICARE system.

Quality Health Care

The US Family Health Plan providers pride themselves on offering leading edge healthcare for their patients, including wellness and disease prevention programs, disease management and continuity of care.  For instance, the US Family Health Plans were among the first to implement the patient-centered medical home concept, and they have been pioneers in other health care techniques such as tele-medicine, 24-hour nurse help lines, and in-home patient monitoring. We provide world-class healthcare, and that care is provided in our communities. With more than 40 disease management programs, our patients experience improved health, more coordinated care, and require fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

You cannot find better healthcare in the Military Health System.

Access to Care

Our network of nearly 64,000 providers ensures easy access to care for every beneficiary who resides in our service areas. We focus on providing accessible care in the communities in which our beneficiaries reside.

Making appointments is fast and easy, and surveys indicate that more than 9 out of 10 of our patients are able to get appointments when they need them.