High-Quality Health Care for Active-Duty Military Families

The US Family Health Plan provides high-quality healthcare to over 150,000 members nationwide, including military retirees and family members of active-duty military personnel who receive the TRICARE Prime benefit.

In a new US Family Health Plan Alliance video, Dr. Steven Kravet, MD, MBA – president of Johns Hopkins Community Physicians – discusses the unique needs of active-duty military families and how the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan delivers high-quality health care to active-duty dependents, bringing peace of mind to service members stationed abroad.

Johns Hopkins, Dr. Kravet explains, provides a reliable continuum of care to US Family Health Plan members throughout their lifetime, beginning at birth for children of active-duty families and continuing through adolescence and the transition to adulthood.  This holistic care includes specialty programs in areas such as behavioral medicine, as well as family dynamics and trauma issues specifically pertaining to military families.

The six regional US Family Health Plan programs, including Johns Hopkins, sincerely appreciate the sacrifice both military families and retirees make in service to our country, as well as the cultural elements of their military experience that closely inform and define their health care needs.

“We treat all of our patients with the same care and compassion, whether our military patients are retirees or active-duty.  Our military families are our most inspirational families, and it remains a privilege to care for them,” Dr. Kravet said.

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